Student/Slavicist/Putzer extraordinare


Blog was birthed during a summer abroad in Moscow.  For six weeks, wrote in lieu of cooking.  Results are, perhaps, akin to novice experiments in the kitchen, except literary mishaps are, luckily, odorless.


Ancestral home–St. Louis.  Where the rent is sent–New York City.


Attempting to marry storytelling, theory, translation work and general impressions of urban life.




3 responses to “moi

  1. melxiopp

    I have a (couple) question(s) I think The Little Thinker is particularly well-positioned to answer:

    What is it with Russia? What is it with Russian literature and history? Why is it all so alluring when I find Russians themselves not all that interesting or enjoyable to be around?

  2. Susanna

    Please write more about Georgia! I am loving reading through your archive but feel like you haven’t written enough about your stay there. Would love to hear more.

    Hopefully this isn’t creepy – I just came across you by accident and I’m going through a serious Georgia phase.


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