Away we go……………

I leave Russia this morning.  And I have so many half written posts yet to face the sunshine of the inter-world, which trail off after a page of so as I grow antsy with my prose and annoyed that there isn’t a clarity to my impressions.

Which means that as clarity grows, or perhaps, is nurtured, I shall continue to write.  My body might not be in Russia but my little mind is.  And so as little thoughts rise to the surface like brave bubbles, I’ll be passing them on and trying to make a little bit more sense out of the corner of the crazy world that is the Russian Federation. What is so pressing but elusive (other than verbs of motion)?  People and their unexpected comments, current events that have a way of becoming personal histories, the heartbreaking beauty and soul-crushing vulgarity of art.  Friends, good stories, mediocre meals, bad jokes, gifts—some given but mostly received.  Wild dogs and statues of Soviet lads.  Raunchy T shirt slogans.  A second conversation with Sergei.  These things will all come together in the incubator of distance and leisure and at a temperature more suited to brain activity (i.e. at least ten – twenty degrees cooler than muggy smoggy sweaty Moscow).

Thanks for reading so far.  Perhaps, the best is yet to come.  Regardless, more is on its way.

See you stateside.


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